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Main Services

Based on our specialist expertise, we conduct logistic consulting services.

We identify various potentials for the improvement of your warehousing, transport, distribution, systems and processes. We aim at achieving an optimum between the performance of the logistic system and the financial outlay.
We develop strategies to deal with added value logistic models, future logistic footprints and global supply chain management.

We apply our knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.

The project management includes processes such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling as well as project closing.
We secure alignment with organizational management goals, effective teamwork and common vision, on-time completion and production of all stated deliverables.

We design print or electronic forms of visual information, as for an advertisement, publication or website.

We combine text and graphics to create logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, websites and any other type of visual communication. We put forth the fundamentals of the subject and use lines, colors, shapes, typography to create effective and professional looking pieces.
In our website development we make the difference by using navigation, contact info and personality as well as style, web fonts, great images and even space in a very efficient and consistent way.

In our studio in Mechelen, we manage all phases of sound recording.

We record scratch tracks with the arrangement built around it. Once all parts are recorded, we go through the process of mixing and editing of the tracks, adjust equalization, add effects, edit out extraneous noises, fix timing and pitch issues, adjust the balance and placement of all the parts. After mixing and editing, there is the process called mastering, which adjust the levels of the song on an album, add compression and adjust equalization. Through our graphical design skill we also take care of the CD or album layout.

Family Background

Our family background has a significant impact on our life experience and on our parallel activities.

We are born to be creatively gifted: our family is since several generations active in the building and construction industry, offering unprecedented housing refurbishment and new build throughout Flanders. We help them with the creation of nice architectural elements and the follow-up of style, taste and vision of interiors.
We actually participate in a "City-Site" project development in Mechelen (dmva architecture and Van Poppel construction company).

We love minimalism and our architects have recently won an architectorial competition in the center of Bruges.

The objective was the remodeling of a small house in the context of compact living in a historical town. The house has become a meeting place for family and friends and is an ideal starting point to visit the charming town of Bruges.


This luxury contemporary living will best depict our minimalist house design inspiration.

Its unusual design and interior decorating perfectly represent the elements comprising its top-of-the-line finishes. More pictures to be added soon...